The mission of the Southern Regional Police Department is to provide professional police services to the communities and citizens we serve.  
The Southern Regional Police Department will always strive to be recognized as an organization of the highest ethical standards and unquestioned integrity. 
The Southern Regional Police Department will treat all people with respect, dignity, and courtesy, and will create an environment that will support personal and professional aspiration. 
The motto of the Southern Regional Police Department shall be to "Serve and Protect" and this will be displayed on all marked departmental vehicles as a reminder to everyone. 



The Southern Regional Police Department
Chief of Police:

Chief James Boddington
717-235-3944 ext 119


The Southern Police Commission is comprised of two representatives from each full time participating municipality.

The borough representatives are chosen by each respective borough.

The full participating municipalities are Shrewsbury, Glen Rock, New Freedom, and Stewartstown with limited police services provided to the Boroughs of Winterstown and Railroad, the Southern York County School District and South Eastern School District.

Shrewsbury Borough:
Michael Sharkey      (Mayor, Right to Know Officer)
Richard Buchanan  (Borough Council, Commission Secretary/Treasurer)
John-Paul Whitmore (Alternate)

New Freedom Borough: 
Larry O'Brien (Borough Council)
Bruce Merrill (Borough Council)

Glen Rock Borough:
John Trout  (Commission Chairman, Mayor)
Nick Wagner (Borough Council)
Amdrew Stewart (Borough Council, Alternate)

Stewartstown Borough: 
Robert Herzberger  (Mayor, Vice Chairman)
Roy Burkins (Borough Council)
Kenton Kurtz (Borough Council, Alternate)

Police Commission meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of every month and begin at 7:00 pm.

Continuation meetings may also occur on the 3rd Tuesday at 7:00 PM according to the needs of the Commission.


In January of 1992 the Southern Police Department was formed when the boroughs of New Freedom and Shrewsbury decided to merge their police departments. At that time the department was using the Shrewsbury Borough Municipal building as their headquarters.
In November of 1997 the name Southern Regional Police was adopted.
In November of 1998 the department moved to the newly built facility at 47 E. High St. in New Freedom, PA. Glen Rock Borough and the Southern York School District requested the services of the department during this time.
In 1999 Railroad Borough also requested the department to provide police services to their area.

In January 2014 Stewartstown Borough joined as a full time member of SRPD.  SRPD also began providing providing part-time Police services to Winterstown Borough and Southeastern School District.
To date, the department now proudly provides full services to the Boroughs of Shrewsbury, Glen Rock, New Freedom, and Stewartstown with limited police services provided to the Boroughs of Winterstown and Railroad.  We also provide full-time School Resource Officer services to the Southern York County and Southeastern School Districts.

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